Porn Game Sites You Should Try Right Now

The porn game industry is exploding. There’s a rush to play free and paid porn games like we’ve never seen before. The porn game industry is also going mainstream, with popular mainstream games infusing adult’ish content into their games.


Why Are People Obsessed With Porn Games?


Porn games offer porn lovers a way to interact with porn rather than just watch. Porn games encourage participation. Sometimes, that means actual games, like card games, which unlock more and more porn. Other times, you navigate a porn world. Sometimes, you partake in adult dating simulations.


Some couple enjoy playing porn games together because they prompt enhanced erotic communications. More sexy communication means improved sexual relationships, that’s just a fact.


The popularity of porn games is also rooted in mainstream gaming’s flirtation with adult content. Well, it is more than just flirtation, given how many mainstream games feature straight up sex. Its flat out porn, but mainstream gaming developers avoid the word so they aren’t lumped into XXX categories.


But semantics aside, mainstream games have introduced adult content to adult gamers. And those adult gamers search for more porn games. Hence, the porn game industry is growing.



What Are The Hottest Porn Game Sites?


It’s the million dollar question.


If you want to play porn games, which are the best sites?


Two major popular porn game sites come to mind.


Porn Games


What’s in a name? Well, the whole enchilada. Porn Games lives up to its name an billing. It offers thousands of free porn games and updates daily. All Porn Games games stream, so you don’t ever download weird files.


XXX Games


XXX Games offers gamers a vast library of free to play porn games. It’s a fast, responsive experience and requires no downloads. All of XXX Game’s games load fast in your browser.


You really can’t go wrong with either porn game site.


Do I need Gear To Play Porn Games?


You don’t need any gear if you are playing porn games, specifically those on XXX Games or Porn Games. Free porn game sites tend to utilize your keyboard for controls.


But if you get into the big box stuff, like Holodexxx, for example, you may want to try a virtual reality headset like Oculus. These devices can help immerse you into the overall porn game experience. It’s a whole other level of sexy awesome when you are immersed in virtual reality porno.


Most porn games don’t rely on any controllers, such as those you use with Playstations and such. So that’s never really an issue.


At the base level, you don’t need gear. You do however need a device, smartphone-tablet-computer, that isn’t so archaic it can’t process porn game graphics. You don’t need the latest $3000 PC to play free porn games. But you do need something that’s modern with a decent processor and some memory. Most porn games are browser based these days, so storage isn’t a huge issue other than having some free storage to help your processing.